Background: Klaus Buschalla, raised and educated in Bavaria, in the German Alps. He completed his BS
degree in Botany at U of Texas, Austin. Klaus has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty found in forests and
meadows and our landscape. Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan offer outstanding scenery
and climactic conditions that Klaus enjoys. He has 30 years of experience, he is an expert in the plants of the
region, and is meticulous in his landscaping projects.

Services: We perform virtually every landscaping, lawn, and garden service. This includes simple lawn
maintenance (mowing, watering, weed control, trimming) and more challenging projects including retaining
walls, walkways, steps, patios, lawns, berms, fences, flower beds and flower gardens, contouring, ponds, streams,

Quotes: We will visit your site and provide an estimate at no charge. Call the office or send an email.
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Klaus' Lawn & Garden
Landscaping Services
1 Ontario St
Montreal, WI 54550-9743
Office: 715-561-4358
Mobile: 715-360-8834
Testimonial: Before we found Klaus, we tried to do our own landscaping. Then we tried another local
service. We spent three years trying to get it right. Then we found Klaus, who was the answer to our
issues, our need for a comprehensive plan, and for creating the beauty we hoped for. We highly
recommend Klaus and suggest you stop at our B&B to see the results for yourself.
Stan Carr, N11485 Hedberg Rd, Bessemer, MI 906-932-2604
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